Web Designing

Web designing is the process that makes your website colorful and user friendly. Opine has got rich experience in designing websites to match with the functionalities. Site architecture is planned along with programming functionalities. We undertake complex and highly interactive type of websites and complete the outsourced projects by the time line.

Our salient designing process

We select the theme and color of the website design to suit the clientele’s range of business or service. As per the RFP we will try our best to give the interactive functionalities needed for the clienteles business. Once the design is approved we will select the type of application software developed to match the design and functionality requirements and complete the project in the stipulated time. We will launch the website only after that has been tested.

  • Design
  • XHTML conversions
  • Testing
  • Approval
  • launching

Static websites

These websites have around 10 pages and they are simple html based and these sites any changes can made with WSI Up to 30-35 pages can be handled nicely by the control panel.

Dynamic websites

Dynamic websites that have dynamic content in the web pages and we will develop websites with dynamic content and upload the content whenever there is an updating requested by the client. Periodic uploading is also taken up.

Flash websites

Flash-based websites are the beautiful masterpieces create by using Adobe Photoshop and powerful Flash technology creatively to add more realistic and fantasy look to the website content. The major advantage of Great Flash-based websites is that they require less bandwidth and load much faster over the browser. Besides that, Flash enabled web portals allow for a smooth interaction between web pages and visitors.