Manufacturing ERP


Project Description

The project proposed for Furniture Factory Management deals with the automation of different areas like Production, Sales, Purchases, HR, Finance, Accounting etc in the organization. The major process involved in the organization is importing furniture from China as either material for assembling or finished product. The purchased product is then distributed across different point of sales through dealers. Warranty for the product is also given to the customers. Customers can return the product in case of defects. Similarly the organization can return the products purchased on identifying defects. All the customers of the organization are managed through the CRM application. Through CRM we can identify our premium customers, make new customers, identify sales person’s performance etc. All the financial and accounting related operations can also be done through the application like ledger, cash book, trial balance, P&L account, balance sheet etc. Through a HR module employees under the organization are maintained. Various reports can be generated at each stage of the application, like inventory reports, sales reports, purchase reports, accounting reports etc.

Project Details

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